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Our ‘See me travel at’ MousTag was specifically designed to let everyone share in your travels.
Because the URL of your tag is visible on the front as well as on the back everyone can easily locate your personal travelmap.

With our signature Moustache logo and the accompanying text everyone will notice your tag and will approach you  to talk about your travels.
Just let them scan your tag and show them where you’ve been!


Get a discount when you buy 2 or more rectangular tags:
1 tag   for € 14,95
2 tags for € 19,95 (€ 9,98 each!)
3 tags for € 28,35 (€ 9,45 each!)

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This item includes:

  • One Moustag
  • One steel attachment cord

Your Moustag will be sent in a sealed envelope to ensure nothing will happen to it during transport.

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