Nomad will include a Moustag with their bag collection of 2017

Nomad will include a customized MousTag with a part of their 2017 bag collection.
The nomad interactive luggage tag will bring all of the functionalities of the well loved MousTag tags to the luxury line of the Nomad bag collection.
Finding your Nomad bag if you lost it will never be easier with the help of our platform.

About Nomad

“NOMAD is a local brand with a global appeal.” Many, many people know the NOMAD brand, but few realise NOMAD was born and raised in a little Dutch town called Zevenaar.

In 1965, a Swedish company developed a new production line for synthetic quilts and sleeping bags in the Netherlands. They combined the words polyester and down, and called their company Polydaun. Their products were colourful, contrasting their competitor’s limited palate of green, blue and brown. Quickly, they established the biggest production line for sleeping bags in Europe. Keen business sense and an original way of working gave them an edge that pushed them to the top of their industry.

This sort of innovation and free thinking gave birth to NOMAD just a few years later by developing the world-famous 3D Polarsoft filling to produce compact, lightweight and affordable sleeping bags.

And so NOMAD was born!

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